Friday, 19 May 2017

159 - The story of a silence

I love watching movies. The more intense, the better.
And if they are filled with silences, even better.

Silences are the biggest give away of an epic lurking in the background. They are.

On a day like today, I lay under this stone filled with silence, weighing heavy on my body. A welcome weight. A welcome shield from reality. But, it has its' own story to tell. A long, deep, intense story like the movies. Only this is real. Happening in our lives- as we speak, or as I write.

I always thought poetry is full of real lies. And silences? They are all a part of the ugly truth.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

158 - Snap judgment

I'd wrote many a times in my blog about judgments and how much I loathe them. They just show all of us how black and white we are as people and more importantly, how we shape our thoughts.

How easy is it to make a snap judgment? Very. How difficult is it to get to the bottom of a person's mind to understand what or who they are? Very. The best of us even with the people we know all our lives, dont get the joke.

It is really that easy to judge someone. And btw, it takes time. And a lot of effort. And trust. Some faith. Compassion. Did I say time? Heck, yea. It takes aeons to uncover something precious. Then you dont see black and white. You see bright and brilliant art work.

That's the beauty of staying away from judgments. You create a safety zone. Like the mother's womb. Like the burrow we all need once in a while.

We all are flawed living beings.

157 - A second chance at life..

Ironically, some people will never get it. It could be a variety of reasons. BUT. Some people never get it. A second chance will also not help. A third chance will also not help.

It's the same cycle of Karma. Everything repeats. The cracks begin to show. The flaws explode. And people die. Repeat.

As I said, some people never get it.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

156 - Baggage

A dear friend and I were speaking about how baggage will accumulate in the happiest of a relationship. In my head, it is not ideal to expect a no baggage relationship.

As long as we are forgiving each other and as long as the wounds dont hurt and hey- your body has forgotten it, then you may not acquire baggage. The ride is smoother. Baggage is acquired when there are expectations. Baggage is around when we are unable to forget and move on. More importantly when you know you can still derive some happiness out of a relationship- you are still there.

That's why you may still be friends with your chaddi buddy and may lose out on your marriage. 

155 - Taste your own medicine...

Another suicide. Again the jokers are out covering it in sensation and fascination.

Our lust for damage never ceases to amaze me. Truly.

Like imagine this- the amount of people on the road holding candles for a rape, murder or figuring out why someone committed suicide is far far more than the one person that could have helped control this damage.

We all love our mysteries. We love discussing the various versions of a story. True and untrue. And then follow the story as it floweths. Like a very interesting serial. And still we hate listening to this. The bitter truth.

In the context of this suicide that I opened this post with, I saw an indignant lady weeping saying "suicide is a terrible thing. Dont commit it. You should not be so weak. You need to be strong and face challenges with might and overcome it."

Thanks aunty. Many thanks. While I am sure you meant well, did you also pause to think you were one of those people who stood there and made this person weaker? Do you realize you, who are the part of this bigger society created a life full of boundaries that made the person in discussion extremely difficult to find a safe place for him to talk to?

And do you realize people will die more and more as long as people like you dont let people be? Or figure out what's bothering them truly than rattle out the rules to live life in a society? Remember those rules that include, rape has foiled a persons' virtue. Like those rules which state that you dont make enough money and hence we dont want to marry you. You wear short skirts. You are fast. Loose. You are single and we dont rent our flats to single people in this society.

Not just you aunty, but hundred other people. Including the kids. We just love taking pride in our gene pool. I wonder why? We anyway make them like us. 

Friday, 12 May 2017

154 - Nirvana

A big win. That had gone by uncelebrated.
A big loss. That had gone by ungrieved.
A wide chasm. That lives by: empty.
A harmony. That exists in dreams.

Monday, 24 April 2017

153 - Ovid

Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence.

Take a bow you poet !!!