Thursday, 15 March 2018

185- A day that shall be marked

Today shall be marked.

Outcome doesnt matter in my head. Truly doesnt.

But why I shall mark today is because today, I manage slaying some demons. Important demons.

Today shall hence be marked.

My professional life shall take a step ahead.

184 - Slip. Between the cup and the lip

Happiness increases when you share it.

To share:

1. One is too depressed to register
2. The other is too busy to listen
3. Another is too weary to understand.

Cheers duh-ling!!! :-)
To a hope that is on it's way to come true.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

183- GMM

What can I say?

The one person apart from my great grandmother because of which my brother is alive is gone. Gone away to become a star. Gone away to give my great grand mother some happy company up there and bless us all. Most of all my brother.

And me. The more silent me.

Young kids and my aunt is survived by him. And yet. The person- he is gone. Death always leaves my gut punched. Eventually they all say life moves on. But the one thing that none of us have the balls to accept-is its' never the same.

We dont want to say that because our ego limits us from saying it. What's wrong in living for others? I shamelessly admit that I am not grieving for my uncle in the way the world does, but I am going thru my own process of grieving.

I shall remember him every day of my life. I do hope your soul rests in peace. The rest, I will take care.

182 - The girls' trippy

S and I were talking yesterday.

She is probably the only one who knows me and stuck around- in my angry and nice phases. :-) We've probably given up on each other and again got back knowing the other one was just there.

So we thought in our better phases with each other, why not a holiday? Like travel seems to have solved many problems- Zindagi na milegi dubara was an example. They eventually did find their souls. :-)

Temple trip. Temple hopping we said. We started from the Himalayas, Goa, the spiritual retreats to finally saying lets do temples to acquire and collect some punyam.

And then we started drawing the map. The equalists we both are, we filtered genders. :-). So much that, I gave up visiting Shiva- my fav god in exchange of going to the abode of goddesses.

Here we both come- the girl power... Watch out.

Kamakshi, Meenakshi and Visalakshi Ammas. :-)

Cant' wait.

Monday, 12 February 2018

181 - My time is more precious..

Phew.. Uncle!!

I understand you are older.
Maybe wiser, but I have my doubts.
Given I am magnanimous, I shall still give you the benefit of doubt.


I wonder if I should???

Who/How can you tell anyone with so much of confidence, "My time is more precious than yours, got it?"

Sigh. Sigh.. I used to say "this person is so full of himself".. But that doesnt seem to be enough these days.

180- Hello stranger

I feel like talking. :-)

For the first time in my life, I feel the need.
My friend G will roll out laughing :-)..
The pact between us is, G and I dont do "talking". That's for losers.

We are the gods and goddesses of our time.

We dont do that "talking".

And yet strangely, today, I have this "hello stranger" moment with me.

G- you listening??? C'mon Gopa!!!!

Thursday, 8 February 2018

179- Peeping Dick

Ok.. Please, please notice it's a name. Before you pervs think of the more obvious things that come to your mind, I am talking about a friend named Dick. Not the "ick" that starts with a "d" instead of "D". Get the difference?? Now, can we move on???

So this friend Dick, he is a very morose guy. Had all sorts of problems you can think of. Like, did someone say "dysfunctional"??? His family, him, his eco system, pretty much everything was it. Anyway, so we went to this place called Lake district in the UK. A very nice place where you can rent bicycles and go around. In the right season, you get a lot of light (:-)) even in the night. And in the right season, there is also a lot of flora, fauna and bird watching. (not chicks- just because it rhymes with Dick)..

Dick and I were happily chatting away about his dysfunctional other. He was half German, half English, but that's besides the point. Just imagine him having a strange slur in pronouncing "th"- almost sounds "zz". We were riding our bicycles and I see a "domestic" bird.

An FOB that I was in 2009, I shouted saying, "Dick, just see the cock"... And Dick, poor Dick. Dysfunctional Dick. Gave me a really strange look and  that felt like he was swallowing a whole cock in his throat- the one that I just saw. He told me, "my dear, it is a rooster."

The gult land that I come from, proudly calls all roosters, "cocks". I wonder why dysfunctional Dick got affected with his namesake!!!!!! :-) :-)