Friday, 3 November 2017

169 - Death

When? Oh, when did the poetess Mazra become the dead poet??????!!

Life passed by. A lifetime passed by.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

167 - Even the shadow walked away. Slowly but surely.

I can see the ever faithful shadow giving up as well. I saw its' death today.
When it said, "I am tired my dear. I need to rest hear. I shall never be in peace otherwise."

And then it vanished. Maybe it is the right thing to do.
Maybe I should call it a day too.

Maybe then I shall see that bit of life that I crave for silently. And loudly.

The rapping of the door has increased. It's not deafening.
It said, "take the plunge". Someone will catch you.

But I know, it can only be death. 

166 - O, What can ail thee knight at arms? Alone and palely loitering...

What stops us from cutting people and minds off and walk away into the welcoming darkness that shone with so much of bright light?

Who builds these walls?

Monday, 7 August 2017

165 - The dream. My world.

An old lady appeared in my dream, two nights ago.
She was cursing me. In Telugu. That I will see my nemesis soon.

I have no clue who that lady was ad why she was cursing me with so much vengeance.
I cant recognize her one bit.

And a night ago, I saw someone else in my dream.
She seemed to be enjoying seeing me lifeless.

I was gasping. I am still gasping at the audacity.
And wondered...

Where? Why? How?

164- As I walk along...

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep....."

The walk was lovely. The woods were everything I ever dreamed of.
'Magical' was the word I believe they all said.

Then the tone of the walk changed. I started pacing.
I started racing. The thorns- they did prick me.
The blood- it started flowing out.
The gash- slowly stopped healing.
Just like that. Body stopped the process of repairing.

The woods just laughed and said,
"you are giving up my athlete."

My mind just lashed out in fury...
And like all famous saints did,
I cursed at the entire clan of woods.

"All of you shall live forever"

Thursday, 13 July 2017

163- And I asked.

Silence. Silence. Silence.

Everywhere. The proverbial 'pin-drop' silence.
And then.

There was a booming question that came out of a person. Poet, I think. The first one to break silence in the group.

The first one daring to be different and yet feel belonged because everyone in the group longed to ask that question. I wanted to ask it too.

The poet asked, "Why me?"

The group settled in with the question, not in the least bit surprised or shocked. They were perhaps just a bit deterred from their thoughts which were mostly flowing in the same direction.

And then I asked, in response, "Why not me?"

The group now turned towards me and said I was being negative. I held my ground.

"So, why not me?"

These things happen because of randomness. Mathematicians call it probability. If it were not a few others, then it had to be me.

It was me.

So. I asked them all again. "Why not me?"

Thursday, 6 July 2017

162 - Boundaries of togetherness

A dog peed to mark its' territory.
A dad held his arms around the family he and the mom created.
A man stuck his fists inside his pockets and marked his family members.
A woman said this is where she belonged.
A person mentioned that the priorities were clearly with the family.

And yet. Despite all this, all of them collectively embraced and chose unhappiness with pride. More power to families. We all fall united and stand divided.

Me. My. Mine. They are such powerful words that pierce this world. Was universe meant to be this way?